A little about Me


Hi there! I’m Stacey. Wife to one hard workin’ farmer. Mommy to four love-them-to-pieces-but-sometimes-they-drive-me-crazy munchkins. I love No Bake Jello cheesecake (I know weird right?). Feed my kids Lucky Charms for breakfast (seriously just about every day). Sit on my front porch as much as possible (except when it’s cold outside which is like half the year). Consider shopping to be therapy. Go for a run when I need alone time. And watch HGTV whenever possible. (Did someone say Fixer Upper?)

But most of all I’m just a girl who’s finally realized this whole loving God thing isn’t possible unless I spend time with him. How can you love someone (and I mean the real gonna-devote-my-entire-life-to-you-no-matter-the-cost kind of love) if you don’t know them? It’s simply not gonna happen (cue frustration and guilt).  And I’m to the point where I’m tired of feeling guilty. Tired of just skimming the surface. Tired of looking for some feel good thought to get me through the day. I want more!

I want to understand (to the best of my ability) this God who was willing to leave heaven; humble himself in human skin; and bleed to death on a cross for me. I want to know this God who desires a personal relationship…with me. I have a book all about Him – my Bible. And I have the freedom to study it – for myself. By digging in one page at a time.

So I invite you to come along on my journey. To know God more so we can love God more. It’s time we stop skimming the surface. It’s time we have some deeper devotions. I’m ready. Are you?

4 thoughts on “A little about Me

  1. My kids are grown & have kids of their own-but am definitely in the ‘ happy dance’ when each one went to school. Also I secretly thought of their Graduation parties as a party for celebrating that they were off to college. On the other hand once they got themselves together, then got married & gave me daughters that I didn’t have to potty train or teach to mind their manners-that’s when I truly appreciated all the struggle it was getting to that point.
    I know, you are thinking, ” Do you know how many days there are between now & then??????” Ha! Seriously tho, keep at it one day at a time, loving, failing, repenting and then doing it all over again tomorrow-you will survive it, I promise.
    That you are relying on Jesus & His Word is the best gift you will ever give your children.


  2. I have recently discovered your devotions…can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! As a single mama of 4 of my own little mini mes (do I really say that?), I feel your pain…and your joy as well! Who knew hearing the word “Mama” 14 times in 15 seconds while trying to use the bathroom would somehow not be as smile-provoking as June Cleaver would make it seem? Your stories make me laugh, your honesty brings me comfort in knowing I am NOT alone in this crazy world of chaos, and your truly intimate relationship with Christ shines forth with meat for my hungry spirit! Thank you for letting us in on your life. I would love to meet you someday! God bless!


    • Well this was sure fun to read! Thank you Angie!! It blesses me beyond measure to hear that God is using my writing to encourage others…especially my fellow mommies! It would be fun to meet you as well. Maybe some day that will happen! But until then if I can ever pray for you in a specific way please feel free to contact me at deeperdevos@gmail.com. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today. Keep at it mama! It’s not easy but it’s worth it.


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